Buff patient’s tight ass is rammed by the gay doc

A medical checkup sounds boring, but wait till you are serviced at GayMedics. Watch the lucky patient here get fullest possible treatment from our very nice doctor. His hands are so warm and tender as they run all across the patient’s skin. And what a nice way of saying thank you to your doctor! Watch the medical professional’s hard cock jump out of his boxers, straight into the patient’s mouth. Damn, he knows the buttons to press! Very soon, both are naked, the doctor is on top, massaging the patient’s fuck hole with his hot throbbing dick. In the end, both shot so much semen!

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Doctor opens his gazoo for his patients’ cock

At GayMedics, it’s all about top notch medical service. Check out the lewd doctor here lure the patient in with a promise of helping him benefit from a latterly developed procedure. The attractive hunk feels a bit anxious lying back on the bed, but he knows this guy’s in precious hands. In fact, it’s greater quantity like this guy’s in wonderful lips right now! Watch the procedure begin with the doctor taking care of the patient’s hard need and then eating his juicy meat pie. The doctor cannot resist the temptation of filling the patient’s throat with his own tool, and then, when the patient is fully hard, the doctor bends over to welcome his hardness.

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College Boy Physicals – Tony Bucks

Today I had a new candidate for a study we were running on the campus walk into the office. He saw a flyer and brought it into the office and presented it to me so I said,” Step right up and sit on the examination table. I explained the study geared towards gentlemen with extra large penises. He told me he would be more than welcome to show me what he was working with. So he dropped his pants and boy was I taken back with the size of his soft cock.



College Boy Physicals – Officer and Michael

Michael was definitely no stranger to a life of crime. He was currently making a killing peddling stolen drugs and his next place to hit up was an on-campus clinic. He broke in in the dead on night and started looking for medication he could sell on the streets. He hit the jackpot when he found a bottle of prescribed painkillers but before he could put them away the door burst open and in came Officer Jackson. Jackson started grilling the frightened Michael about his trespassing on clinic premises and his possession of medical grade painkillers.